Dain Kaplan (D3)


  1. Citation structure and summary analysis
  2. Annotation and corpus creation
  3. Textual Entailment
  4. Natural Logic

Projects / Research


Book Chapters

  • N. Rubens, D. Kaplan, M. Sugiyama. Recommender Systems Handbook: Active Learning. Springer. [website]

  • Journal Papers

  • Dain Kaplan, Ryu Iida, Kikuko Nishina, Takenobu Tokunaga. Slate - A Tool for Creating and Maintaining Annotated Corpora. Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics. Vol.26. No.2. pp.89 -- 101. 2012. Jan [pdf]
  • Neil Rubens, Dain Kaplan, Mikko Vilenius and Toshio Okamoto, "CAFE: Collaboration Aimed at Finding Experts", International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence (IJKWI)
  • Neil Rubens, Dain Kaplan, and Toshio Okamoto, "ELI×IR: Expertise Learning & Identification × Information Retrieval", The International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC)

  • Other Papers